Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dark and Lovely

Oh my goodness I haven't blogged in 5 months. It's been so long and I honestly haven't been taking that many photos which is a bit sad but I'm hoping that next year I will make more time and immerse myself in all areas of photography.
This is the best chocolate cake which I've made many times - Annabel Langbein's chocolate cake.  A fail safe recipe.  Here is her recipe!
Berries! Argh my first taste of summer.  Obsessed - yes I'm obsessed by berries!  I could bathe in them even haha. Ok maybe not.  I like to get carried away sometimes...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hint of Spring

It felt so much like Spring today - millions of bees buzzing around outside for some strange reason, warm sun, snow drops coming out.  Not really Spring but felt like it today.

I made these orange and elderflower cupcakes for a competition to try and win a cake mixer. I use a stupid hand beater to do all my baking. Unfortunately, I will have to stick with my hand beater hahaha.  They chose all chocolate cupcakes.  The funny thing is that I used a recipe from one of the judges so she obviously doesn't like her own recipe.

More earthquakes in New Zealand today - not where I live but in the middle of the country.  Thinking of all of you up there and hope they quieten down for you.  It's like the country is coming alive. I think it's time for the land to go back to sleep and rest now.
IMG_3677.3 IMG_3670.3 IMG_3763.3 IMG_3773 IMG_3788.3 IMG_3805.3 IMG_3799 IMG_3780.3

Sunday, July 14, 2013


It wasn't very still outside today - one moment hail, next moment a burst of sun, next moment rain, next moment sun again.  However, life inside was very still.  I decided I would give still life photography a shot.  Never tried it before but I have been addicted to Pinterest lately and have been looking at still lifes in particular.  This is my first attempt so I think I will keep practising until I get things how I want it.  I want them to look how a still life painting would look. I also want them to look more rustic so I'll be on the look out for some rustic bits of wood and backgrounds for my photos. 

IMG_3581.5 IMG_3584.3 IMG_3546.3 IMG_3519.4 IMG_3539.3 IMG_3625.3 IMG_3558.3

Friday, March 22, 2013


♫ ♫ Mermaid - Train
IMG_0541.5 IMG_0545.7 IMG_0769.4 IMG_0533.9 IMG_0527.3 IMG_0551.3 Photos taken by Belinda Lansley

Dress:        Asos
Bracelets:  pearls a gift (from Qatar) and starfish bracelet from Santorini, Greece
Necklace:  My favourite black pearls from South America
Nailpolish: OPI Mermaid's Tears" and "Gone Gonzoi"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Taste of Summer

I haven't blogged in ages eeek! Here are some photos I took over the summer of what I've been eating or making.  I have had two high teas - one at a friend's house which was lovely and one at the Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch. 

Autumn - Blackberry season - love berries, love any sort of berry, not so fond of colder weather.  Unfortunately we have had a drought this summer. Has been a lovely warm summer, but not good for farmers and apparently it's not a good season for blackberries either.  Raspberries are still around now but as soon as we get our first frost I suppose that will be the end of them.  I'm wanting to make an apple and blackberry crumble this year instead of a pie.
I have heaps more photos to put up. Some from my box brownie which took about 6 weeks to get developed.  I also have a fashion post coming up!
IMG_0922 IMG_0788 IMG_0929 IMG_0993 IMG_0977 IMG_0972 IMG_0980 IMG_0996 IMG_0960 IMG_0956 IMG_1119 IMG_9764 IMG_9767 IMG_0795

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Like everyone, I love holidays, but I only have 4 more days left and then I'm back to work for another year.  Holidays always go by so quickly don't they. I never went away - just stayed around home for 3 weeks.  I had two day trips to Gore Bay and Akaroa yesterday and that is about it.  Here are some photos of Gore Bay and Akaroa with my favourite tree, the Pohutukawa, flowering in both places, my gorgeous wee nieces in Akaroa, my sister's homemade vanilla icecream, the amazing lemon mascarpone gelato I had in Akaroa yesterday which totally blew my mind (probably the best gelato I've had apart from the first ever gelato I tried in Venice which was also lemon! Yes Amy I'm sure you remember it too), the pissaladiere which I made for lunch to take to Akaroa (out of Annabel Langbein's Simple Pleasures cookbook). 
And yes no fashion posts!  I'm not doing so well for my New Year's blog resolution which was to feature more fashion.  Must try harder.
Hope everyone is enjoying the summer holidays down under.  Must say it's pretty darn windy today and the sound of the wind kept me up all night last night. Looked at the clock and it was 4am.  Good day to get washing dry though haha - must look on the positive side I guess! I went to the local laundromat to wash my bed linen. My comforter and blankets etc are way too big to put in the washing machine so it was quite handy. It's so strange to think we have a laundromat here, as it's not something New Zealanders use much. It used to be in a line of shops but they have since been demolished and so it lives in a metal shed like a lot of shops these days.  So I spent part of my afternoon sitting in a shed washing my bed linen. My blanket is dry already - only took about 10 minutes to dry. Crazy - though it is 31 degrees outside and very very windy.

The one thing about a wind like this - always makes me think of Mary Poppins or the movie Chocolat.  Like a wind like this brings some sort of magic...
Don't get blown away!