Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hint of Spring

It felt so much like Spring today - millions of bees buzzing around outside for some strange reason, warm sun, snow drops coming out.  Not really Spring but felt like it today.

I made these orange and elderflower cupcakes for a competition to try and win a cake mixer. I use a stupid hand beater to do all my baking. Unfortunately, I will have to stick with my hand beater hahaha.  They chose all chocolate cupcakes.  The funny thing is that I used a recipe from one of the judges so she obviously doesn't like her own recipe.

More earthquakes in New Zealand today - not where I live but in the middle of the country.  Thinking of all of you up there and hope they quieten down for you.  It's like the country is coming alive. I think it's time for the land to go back to sleep and rest now.
IMG_3677.3 IMG_3670.3 IMG_3763.3 IMG_3773 IMG_3788.3 IMG_3805.3 IMG_3799 IMG_3780.3